Is your product actually healthy?
Well, with all the bull out there, it’s a valid question. If you take a look at other ‘health drinks’ to see how much sugar they have, you’d be very surprised. We don’t sacrifice one benefit to deliver another.

And the answer is: you bet your arse. All our products start where most health products end: our whole range is low sugar and all natural. On top of that, they contain Fibersol-2 which slows the uptake of sugar in the blood and they all have Ezonginol, one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants. From there, each variant has specific ingredients to deliver a specific functional benefit.

How much sugar is in No Ugly?
All our drinks are “low sugar” with less than 2.5 grams of sugar per 100mL. If you take a look at other ‘health drinks’ to see how much sugar they have, you’d be very surprised. We don’t sacrifice one benefit to deliver another.

What’s that stuff at the bottom of the bottle?
The shortest answer – it’s some of the stuff that makes No Ugly do what it says on the bottle. But don’t worry, you don’t taste it or even feel it. Just turn the bottle over a few times (don’t shake it as it’s sparkling ;) and you’re all set to get back to gorgeous.

Are your products Vegan?
Detox, Hydrate and Focus are all Vegan suitable. Booyah.

Immunity, Gut, Skin and Sleep, unfortunately, are not. The ingredients that make them work so well make them non-vegan suitable.

Although sustainably sourced, No Ugly Skin has marine (fish) collagen because it’s the best type of collagen out there and makes the biggest difference to your skin.

No Ugly Immunity has mānuka honey (derived from bees) and Vitamin D (which is derived from sheep lanolin). The anti-microbial powers of the mānuka honey and the ability of Vitamin D to help keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, are part of what No Ugly Immunity so good.

No Ugly Sleep has Vitamin D (which is derived from sheep lanolin)

No Ugly Gut has a natural cranberry flavour which is on a (whey) ethanol solvent base.

Are your products gluten free?
Yes, all our products are gluten free.

Are your products organic?
No Ugly products are as close to organic as you can get. Because we’ve got a preservative to keep us shelf stable and our ingredients need to deliver, we can’t actually claim organic. But lucky for you that preservative is made from a ‘nature-identical’ compound and it’s why you’ll find us in some hard-core organic shops. If it’s good enough for them…(I’ll need you to finish this sentence ;)

Why do you use Potassium Sorbate as a preservative?
We use potassium sorbate because it is the preferred preservative choice for our beverage profile, that being the profile of the pH, brix, carbonation, acidity and processing conditions.

In nature it can be found in plants and fruits, which is great and is the salt of sorbic acid. Unfortunately, it's not commercially available as a natural raw material, so we purchase it from a commercial supplier who makes it to mimic how it is found in nature, (nature-identical).

This is the best choice for our drinks, and because of all the amazing electrolytes and minerals in our product and how this affects the pH, the potassium sorbate is the best option for No Ugly.

Do your products contain artificial flavours or colours?
No, all our flavours are natural. And the colours are derived from the fruit juice in the drinks.

Can I have these drinks when pregnant?
You should avoid Skin, Sleep and Focus when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Sleep contains passionflower which is a potent botanical extract and Focus contains 35mg of caffeine per bottle.

Skin contains marine collagen and is therefore best to check with your healthcare professional first.

While there are no known major safety concerns around the ingredients in Detox, Hydrate, Gut and Immunity, it is always best to check in with your doctor, midwife or healthcare professional beforehand during pregnancy and lactation.

Are these drinks ok for children?
Sleep and Focus shouldn’t be consumed by children. They’re too ‘wee’.

Sleep contains a high dosage of magnesium which is too high for children under the age of 14. Focus contains caffeine which shouldn’t be consumed by children.

While there are no known major safety concerns around the ingredients in Detox, Hydrate, Gut, Immunity and Skin, we recommend consulting with your doctor or healthcare professional before giving children our drinks.

Where should I store my drinks?
Drinks can be stored in the pantry or in ambient conditions away from direct sunlight, but are best to be consumed chilled. So if you want them ready to-go, pop ‘em in the fridge ❄️

How many calories in a bottle?
There only a wee (insert number) calories in No Ugly (insert variant). Each on is different, check out the label on the bottle or on our website at nougly.com.au. Why so low? Well, one of the reasons is they’re all low sugar ;)

Hydrate: 33
Focus: 55
Detox: 30
Immunity: 42.5
Gut: 42.5
Skin: 74.75
Sleep: 45


Does No Ugly Skin really work?

Clinical test have shown results around improvement in skin firmness, elasticity and radiance with as little a 5g of collagen taken daily for 4-8 weeks. We’ve got 10g of French marine collagen (the most potent kind) as well as Enzoginol ® and Vitamin C which help promote you body’s own collagen production too. And don’t forget that collagen helps you get luscious hair and strong nails too boot. That and the feedback we’ve got is pretty stellar ;)

Can I have No Ugly Skin if I have a fish/shellfish allergy?
No way Jose. Skin contains marine collagen which is derived from fish so should not be consumed with a fish allergy.


Does No Ugly Sleep really work?

No Ugly sleep is full of magnesium which has been found to help regulate melatonin and tart cherry, which is known to contain melatonin, 100% of your daily vitamin D intake (studies show that low vitamin D leads to sleep irregularities), 1000mg of passionflower, chamomile, and lemon balm – everything you need to help you sleep like a baby.

And even better, this ready-to-drink supplement was co-created with Dr Ann Shivas, an Osteopath and Dr of Physical Medicine, who has worked with NBA teams to deliver championship winning results, Gareth O’Donnell – Fitness Coach and CEO of WELLME and Dr Petar Milojev of Auckland University. This is the real deal.

When is the best time to Drink No Ugly Sleep?
It’s best to consume between 1-3 hours before bed or in the twilight hours. Then get ready for some sweet dreams.

If I drink this during the day, will it put me to sleep?
No. Don’t worry about nodding off during your meeting or leaving the iron on. No Ugly Sleep isn’t like a drug that put’s you to sleep, rather it helps you get to sleep naturally and have a more restful sleep based on your natural sleep times.


Does No Ugly Gut really work?
If there was an Australia’s Got Gut Health competition, No Ugly Gut would win by billions because No Ugly Gut tastes amazing and it’s got two billion probiotic CFU’s per serve (most Kombucha’s have less than 500 million).

It’s also an excellent source of dietary fibre with 7g per serve, 10 different vitamins and minerals, 137gms of calcium to support digestive enzymes# plus antioxidant polyphenols like green tea extract – all scientifically formulated to help make your gut feel more gorgeous, smell more gorgeous and just generally behave itself in a more life-transformingly gorgeous fashion overall. This ready-to drink supplement will do your guts some good.

What is the type of probiotic used in GUT?
We use the Bacillus coagulans probiotic culture in our Gut drink, and we have 2 billion colony forming units in every bottle. Not only that, we’re not fermented, so the taste is all-time!

Do I have to keep the GUT drink in the fridge?
No. All our drinks can be kept in ambient conditions, but it is best to chill before drinking or have it over ice


Does No Ugly Immunity really work?
According to a 2018 study published in the scientific journal, AIMS Microbiology, mānuka honey is not only said to be an antibacterial and an antimicrobial, but it is also said to have immune boosting qualities that are unrivalled in other types of honey. And wouldn’t you know it, published evidence supporting echinacea's benefit in decreasing the odds of developing the common cold by 58% and decreasing it’s duration by 1.4 days. So, when you’re feeling better, throw in an extra sick day for yourself. Maybe two.

Oh, it also has 100% of your daily Vitamin C intake to boot.

What part of the echinacea plant do you use? Root or Arial?
We use the whole plant because there are benefits in both.


Does No Ugly Hydrate really work?
Scientifically formulated to help with normal electrolyte balance, No Ugly Hydrate’s got all the good stuff. It’s isotonic, it’s got Enzoginol ®, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, it has Fibersol-2 TM to slow the update of sugars, plus it has 11 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s natural hydration baby!


Does No Ugly Detox really work?
No Ugly Detox contains 2000mg of prickly pear cactus per serve, which is nectar of the gods to any liver trapped in an abusive relationship, it also has 125mg of Choline to help maintain normal liver function, Vitamin E to help cell protection from free radical damage, lemon balm which looks like mint but works like magic, plus a whole raft of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols to help make your liver feel special. This ready-to-drink supplement will do your liver good.


Does No Ugly Focus really work?
No Ugly Detox comes with just about every brain-boosting ingredient under the sun: ginko biloba and panax ginseng to support mental performance polyphenols like green tea extract, grape seed extract, apple extract white tea solids and is packed with 6 different B group vitamins. This ready-to-drink supplement will do you brain good.

What really makes No Ugly Focus even more powerful is New Zealand Blackadder blackcurrants. Scientists have just discovered that these unique currants display a remarkable ability to elevate cognitive performance. Not only that, we’ve got choline – the chemically identical (but natural) version of citicoline which human studies have shown to have a beneficial effect on concentration, working memory and attention.

What is a Nootropic?
A nootropic is a substance that improves cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals. Boom.