No Ugly is proud to get behind I AM HOPE

Society has never been more anxious. For many, the post pandemic blues have set-in and people are struggling to get back to a normal rhythm after the world being tipped upside down for two years.

Aaron and Jo Taylor, the founders of wellness brand No Ugly, have experienced this first-hand, especially in their teenage children. It’s like they’ve had two important years stolen from them and their resilience has disappeared. Couple that with the pressure cooker of school, social media, blended families and peer-pressure and “normality” for them seems unattainable.

Whilst it’s easy to say “Keep Calm & Carry On”, the reality is it’s not so easy to implement. Aaron and Jo explored multiple solutions for their family and found that accessing mental health support is complex.

“When you’re in crisis, accessing the right mental health services can take months and it’s not like you can take a Panadol or put a plaster on to fix it. When we finally did find some help, it was incredibly expensive and no doubt cost-prohibitive for many New Zealanders. It’s not like a cast on your leg or course of antibiotics, it’s more complicated than that. It takes time, care and attention,” said Aaron Taylor of their personal experience.

Through their ongoing research in this space, No Ugly knows that part of the solution in supporting everyday mental stability is getting back to basics; exercise, sleep and good nutrition are a good start. So is limiting screen time – a bad habit exacerbated by lockdowns and very hard to shake.

Jo and Aaron were extremely motivated to do something and whilst mental health issues are much bigger than just the basics, they were in the position to leverage their experience and at least be part of the solution - by supporting the ‘good nutrition’ element. And so, No Ugly Calm was developed.

No Ugly Calm is a wellness tonic designed to assist your mind and mood by providing the nutrients we may be missing when feeling anxious or out-of-sorts. Everyone struggles from time to time and whilst there are the big issues, there are a myriad of everyday anxieties, from overflowing inboxes to waiting for test results to an unknown number calling. No Ugly Calm’s formulation helps to calm the mind and help people to deal with the everyday. One good piece in the puzzle.

The delicious, subtle, blueberry flavour packs a punch with the right balance of active ingredients to help with anxiety including ashwagandha KSM-66 (clinical studies prove that it assists in lowering stress), L-theanine, Niacin B3 and Chamomile.

To walk the talk even more, No Ugly have partnered with I Am Hope as a fundraiser for Gumboot Friday. The charity that helps pay for children to access mental health professionals when they’re in distress. The most important piece of the puzzle.

For every bottle of No Ugly Calm sold until 4th November 2022 (Gumboot Friday), No Ugly will donate $1 to I Am Hope. From the 35,000 bottles they aim to sell over that period, they’ll be donating all of their profit.

Aaron Taylor says, “We found the situation really tough, when our child was in need, there were so many barriers to getting them help. While we can’t fix the system, we can support the bigger picture by assisting with good nutrition and we hope that by donating all of our profit from sales of No Ugly Calm until Gumboot Friday, we can help in some way towards the bigger solution.”.

No Ugly Calm helps to ease everyday anxieties and take back command inside your head, helping you control what you can and staying calm about the rest.

Corey Choat

No Ugly is also proud to have been supporting Corey Choat throughout the year. Corey's sister Sally died in 2019, is aiming to run 2,000km for I Am Hope, raising more than $40,000 so far.

"The purpose is to generate some awareness around mental health and to raise money for Gumboot Friday," he said.

On Gumboot Friday, Corey ran up Mt Maunganui in a pair of gorgeous speedos - all in the name of raising more funds and drawing attention to this worthy cause.

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