Scientifically formulated to get you from malaise to mint

No Ugly is so crammed with scientifically proven gorgeousness there’s no room for Ugly’s ugly old arse. Stuff like Enzogenol® a New Zealand pine bark extract which just so happens to be one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Plus a whole bunch of other good stuff like vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. And of course our products are low sugar, allergen free^, non GMO, vegan^ and made in gorgeous old New Zealand.

^Exceptions: No Ugly Skin contains fish. No Ugly Immunity contains mānuka honey. No Ugly Sleep contains Vitamin D3 from lanolin. No Ugly Gut contains a flavour derived using whey ethanol.


Vitamin C

Contributes to collagen in skin*

Collagen Protein

For tissue building & repair*

Gorgeous Source

of 10 vitamins & minerals

Good Source of Protein

10g per serve

* When consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet.


You can check out the full ingredient list and nutritional breakdown for each of products on their respective product page.

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