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No Ugly Conscious Gin Cocktails: Mixed Pack

No Ugly Conscious Gin Cocktails: Mixed Pack

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Celebrities don’t hook up with bogans. That’s why No Ugly hooked up with award show darling, Denzien Gin. Between No Ugly’s breathtaking wellness-tonic gorgeousness and Denzien’s refined elegance, the fruit of this union was always going to be something outstanding.

Both winners in their own categories and following the trend of 'Better for You' premium RTDs, the collaboration is aimed at the discerning consumer this summer.

Less than 99 calories per serve, each 24 pack holds 6 x 4 packs for any occasion.


1. Cranberry & Brazilian Lime

2. Cucumber & Yuzu

3. Ginger & Blood Orange

4. Plum & Pomegranate

Terms & Conditions on No Ugly subscriptions:

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    • You will not be able to cancel your subscription until you have received three deliveries however you can alter your subscription frequency or flavour whenever you like.