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Caveman Candy Primal Pieces
Caveman Candy Primal Pieces

Caveman Candy Primal Pieces

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Caveman Candy is biltong and jerky, hand-crafted in Northland. Primal Pieces is based on traditional biltong, with coriander seeds the dominant flavour.

We use quality New Zealand grass-fed beef. Our cut of choice being 100 VL topside because it has just the right fat content to make sure it keeps its flavour after the drying process.

Our meat is flavoured with a secret recipe, which contains easy to pronounce ingredients. No E numbers. Cavemen didn’t have E numbers.

Caveman Candy is gluten free and has no added sugar. MSG hasn’t come anywhere near our meat. 

We reckon it’s the ultimate beer snack and it’s perfect to take on the trails for a protein boost.