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At No Ugly, we’re relentless in our desire to solve health & wellness problems for people. We take the complicated and make it easy. That’s why we create incredible wellness tonics – human problems solved with scientific formulas that taste delicious.

So in July, we conducted a sex survey with No Ugly Superfans and received 1,034 responses.

This is what they told us:
• 77.95% of respondents of our sex survey were women
• 46.04% have sex twice a month or less
• 69.60% want to have sex more often
• 32.47% often think about sex, are frustrated or worry it’s a big deal
• 81.33% think their hormones are to blame for a lack of sex
• 59.80% say sex is a normal topic of conversation
• 57.72% want to improve their libido, support a calm mood or regulate hormones
• 93.96% don’t take supplements to support sex drive
• 53.48% would buy No Ugly Libido online whilst 25.78% would buy it at the supermarket
• 94.74% of people said they would try it out.

So based on this feedback we’ve designed an amazing product called No Ugly Libido. The nutrients have been carefully layered to create something wonderful. Packed full of the natural ingredients used for centuries by women looking to master the language of love.

Science meets ancient botanical ingredients. Shatavari (literal translation: “she who has hundreds of husbands”), ashwagandha and maca root, nootropics ginseng, ginkgo biloba & L-Theanine – botanical extracts women have turned to for centuries, now scientifically formulated to create No Ugly Libido. Of course, No Ugly’s unique blend of 10 vitamins and minerals are the ever-present foundation, all coming together to create a seductively delicious wellness tonic, bursting with strawberries & cherries and overflowing with lightly sparkling juicy gorgeousness. Just like you will be.

In the future, we will provide inspirational content and helpful libido advice that will support you and your partner in your quest for a better sex life. If Gwyneth Paltrow can produce a show on Netflix, then we can share the advice of trusted sexologists to keep you educated and entertained.


"After a year of lockdowns, home schooling, social distancing and stress, sex drives are suffering – among both couples and single people. Can we do anything about it – or do we just have to wait till the end of the pandemic?"
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