• Made in the most gorgeous place on earth - New Zealand.

  • Scientifically formulated for your health and wellbeing

  • No Ugly ingredients, only the very best for your body

No Ugly. Yes Gorgeous.


Bring-on 2023 with No Ugly Combos. The perfect balance of two drinks a day to get your gorgeous groove-on this year. Packed full of nutrients and perfectly balanced, these two scientifically formulated bevvies of beauty are designed to help you rejuvenate, get your glow on, kick arse in the gym or hit peak performance. There are four combos to choose from with two delicious wellness tonics in each.

Check out the functional benefits each combo here.
  • "This product is amazing and I highly recommend it."

    Deborah Jackson, Marlborough

  • "Great NZ company and brilliant products. Helped us recover from many late nights!"

    Nicole Sharpe, Auckland


It's proven that having little chats helps you live longer, so we put some loaded conversation starters under every No Ugly bottle cap. Kick-start an Ugly or Gorgeous debate or post it to social and tag @nouglywellness to go in the draw to win our monthly giveaway.

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