Welcome to No Ugly Australia!

Welcome to No Ugly Australia


  • Made in the most gorgeous place on earth - New Zealand.

  • Scientifically formulated for your health and wellbeing

  • No Ugly ingredients, only the very best for your body

No Ugly. Yes Gorgeous.


We all want the most out of every day, and every day wants the most out of us. Physically, mentally and emotionally. So If you’re feeling less than gorgeous due to the effects of casual drinking, too much stress, exercise or lack of sleep, then drinking No Ugly is perfect for you.

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  • "This product is amazing and I highly recommend it."

    Deborah Jackson, Marlborough

  • "Great NZ company and brilliant products. Helped us recover from many late nights!"

    Nicole Sharpe, Auckland


No Ugly has a conversation starter under every cap. When you find one, post it on Insta and we’ll reward you with a free case of drinks. Especially if you tag @nouglywellness, your mates and every other mofo you know that’ll kick-start an Ugly or Gorgeous debate. LOL.

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