Five years ago, Jo and Aaron the founders of No Ugly, woke up.

Everything they were doing was lop-sided. And in today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to get that way. With a big family, big jobs and an enthusiastic lust for life it was too easy to over-do it and get out of whack.

‘Ugly’ had crept in and was starting to affect their sleep, their performance at work and was limiting the ability to manage stress and moods.

So they changed.

That change wasn’t extreme - more like better awareness of what makes a healthy
and balanced lifestyle. Better choices became habitual and so too did better nutrition. The lightbulb moment was when they recognised that the wellness brands they were turning to, were boring, a bit worthy and didn’t reflect the things they desired in a brand.

So they invented No Ugly.
A brand with a higher purpose, a spunky attitude and products that are not only delicious, but have a clear functional benefit – to help you get back to your gorgeous self in no time.


No Ugly was created in New Zealand, by a small, determined & innovative team whose mission is to eradicate ugly – it’s inherent in the ingredients we choose, the products we create and our business values and behaviours. We are proud to be part of the global wellness movement, making a difference for the wellness of our people and our planet right here from the cleanest, greenest country at the bottom of the world.

We all want the most out of every day. And every day wants the most out of us.So we need to be on top of our game. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

No Ugly’s range of beverages are scientifically formulated to get you back to your gorgeous self. With natural ingredients, we’ve created a range of truly functional beverages with proven health claims, all substantiated by the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand.

And unlike other ‘health drinks’, their entire range is low sugar but taste amazeballs.

We have three different formats; 330mL cans, 250mL glass bottles and 100mL glass shots in dark bottles. Because as potent as the active ingredients are, they’re also a bit fragile. But aren’t we all?

No Ugly? Yes Please.


No Ugly’s formulations are designed to go well above the standard for functional beverages like vitamin water or sports drinks. With a number of the active ingredients being more akin to what you’d find in the supplement aisle of a pharmacy.

The challenge with functional ingredients like this is they don’t taste very good, for the most part.

So, to get active levels of the ingredients that No Ugly uses in a great tasting drink is a real challenge.

No Ugly’s commitment to strong food science and high-quality ingredients is becoming a clear competitive advantage and differentiator in a market crowded by faux ‘healthy’ beverages that may not be as healthy as they seem.

Sarah Walter, the food scientist who designs No Ugly’s formulations, is an accomplished exponent in the beverage industry and has a career of helping formulate successful beverages for over 17 years.