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Where is No Ugly made?
It’s made in Tauranga, NZ

Are you a kombucha?
No! We are not fermented and contain many more (natural) functional ingredients.

How much sugar does it contain?
Every No Ugly is low sugar (less than 2.5g per 100ml).

When do I drink it?
Whenever you need! Sleep is best drunk 1-3 hours before bed and Focus contains a small amount of caffeine (so depending on how sensitive you are) - but all of the others can be drunk whenever you feel like it. 

How much do I drink?
Each No Ugly has been formulated as 1 bottle = 1 serve. So you get enough of the ingredients for it to work

Do they actually work?
You bet! Each No Ugly has been scientifically formulated with layered ingredients that work. And we’ve made sure each ingredient is at a dose that’s proven to work.

Do I need to keep them in the fridge?
No - they can be kept at room temperature and chilled before drinking

Where does the name come from?
We say NO to ugly - ‘ugly’ in your body, ugly ingredients and ugly packaging that’s hard on the environment.