Sweet dreams are made of this

Introducing No Ugly Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is possibly the single most important thing you can do for your health and quality sleep affects every facet of life, including cognitive function, emotional wellbeing, sports recovery and the reproductive health of both men and women.

Wellness brand No Ugly partnered with a team of leading sleep experts from The Sleep Loop and commissioned a survey, to better understand Kiwis sleep habits.

The results from a significant group of survey participants were compiled in November – and the results aren’t great. With 69% of respondents averaging less than 7 hours of sleep, 15% averaging less than 3 hours of sleep, the results point to some significant health issues across the population.

Sleep is the only way your brain can detoxify the bad stuff that builds up, causing damage and disease, leading to potential cognitive decline, emotional difficulties and reduced natural immune response.

Quality sleep also has a profound effect on peak performance in athletes, which is a particular area of expertise of Sleep Loop’s Ann Shivas. Shivas has created a sustainable system for improved health, based on the specifics of an individual involving: Food, exercise regime, sleep schedule and climate, and through her work, as part of a broader team working with an NBA winning Championship team, saw first hand the positive impact a personalised and effective sleep regime had on the players she worked with.

While we sleep, the body's natural detoxification process also takes place. In the body, this response is explained by the world's most recognised sleep expert, Matthew Walker, when he talks about Immune Assassins, which work to naturally repair and support healthy cell activity. A reduction of sleep to 4 hours per night can reduce the activity of these Immune assassins by up to 70%.

The team of sleep specialists behind Sleep Loop, Ann Shivas PHD, with a background in Osteopathy, who worked closely in the recovery space with NBA players to help deliver championship winning results, Gareth O’Donnell – Fitness Coach and CEO of WELLME and Dr Petar Milojev of Auckland

University, believe a great night sleep is all about a holistic sleep programme that hinges on key, personalised routines.
These routines are encompassed in the acronym SLEEPS: Scheduling, Light, Environment, Eat and Drink, Physiology and Stress. The Sleep Loop survey explores these areas, questioning the respondent’s habits in each of these key pillars and giving an overall Sleep Performance score.

It was one of these key routines that influenced the development of NO UGLY SLEEP, which works to support the key area of nutrition - or Eat and Drink - by delivering a powerful dose of scientifically formulated nutrition at the right time of the day, for maximum benefit.

No Ugly is a New Zealand company creating wellness tonics designed for people living busy lives. No Ugly’s ethos is to create products that contain only the most Gorgeous ingredients, because Gorgeous In, creates Gorgeous out.

In 2020, the No Ugly team has been busy. While lockdown could have been Ugly for the business, the team rolled up their sleeves and got to work, creating a range of new wellness products, including No Ugly Skin, Gut, Focus and now No Ugly Sleep.

No Ugly Sleep was created by Food Scientist Sarah Walter – the formulator of all No Ugly’s wellness tonics, in conjunction with Ann Shivas, Gareth O’Donnell and Dr Milojev.

It contains a whopping 170mg of magnesium per bottle delivering 40% of your daily recommended intake, along with 1200mg of Tart Cherry which naturally contains melatonin. 100% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin D, 50% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C, 100mg of passionflower, chamomile and lemon balm.

No Ugly Co-Founder, Jo Taylor hopes their Sleep product can be a catalyst for Kiwis to get on top of their declining nocturnal habits and deliver a whole lot of gorgeous back into their busy lives.

“No Ugly Sleep is packed full of ingredients traditionally used to support sleep. We have been testing the product and anecdotal evidence suggests it is delivering fantastic results. The tonic is formulated to be consumed in the evening and when used on a regular basis, alongside improved routines identified by the Sleep Loop team: SLEEPS – we hope it will improve the sleep habits of Kiwi’s to help them live a more gorgeous, and restful life. It might even result in more gorgeous Kiwi babies.”